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    Only 27% of parents surveyed recall being provided official notice of the school refund policy

    79% of parents believe that it is more difficult for today’s parents to save for college than it was for their parent’s generation

    More than 30,000 burglaries are reported annually related to college students, including 15,000 residence hall burglaries

    When parents are asked of the medical withdrawal refund policy was disclosed, 49% were not sure.

    Only 21% of schools surveyed refund 100% for medical withdrawals

    Each year, fire departments respond to over 3,800 fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities and barracks

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    2017-18 – College Parents Handbook for Student Success

    2017-18 – College Parents Handbook for Student Success

    We are delighted to publish the 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success. This publication marks the 20th-anniversary milestone of the founding of our organization.  Since our founding, more than one million families have been served by our membership benefits and services.  In the past 20 years, college has changed dramatically.  What hasn’t changed is College Parents of America’s focus on our mission to help students succeed in school as well as after graduation.

    Topics of Discussion with College Admissions Representatives




    You may not get a ton of time with a college admissions rep, but an inquisitive approach is your best chance to find out if a school’s characteristics will be a good fit for you and your college career.


    Below is a list of topics that can get you asking the right questions. Should you need this in question format, we suggest the following lists:


    College Tip: 5 Paths to College Success

    College Tip: 5 Paths to College Success

    In our twenty years of efforts to serve college parents, there are a few noteworthy voices who provided valuable insights into what is required by families, students, institutions and communities to promote & define college success.  That’s why we are pleased to showcase an article below by Brandon Busteed who successfully served as the Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development, at Gallup.

    College Tips

    College Waitlist: Should Your Student Just Wait?

    College Waitlist: Should Your Student Just Wait?

    The college application process is a stressful time for both students and their parents: college visits, narrowing down the choices, SAT or ACT exams, applications, essays, recommendations, and then – finally – your child finds that she has been put on the waiting list for her first choice college.  Yes, it may be discouraging, but all may not be lost.  There are some things that your “almost” college student should – an