Research Speaks: 3 Ultimate Tips for Finding a Job as a College Graduate

Tips for college parents in supporting their new college graduate in finding a job.

Graduation is complete, thank you notes have been sent, summer is finally here, and all parents and graduates are at the tips of their toes!

There are many reasons to worry: will the job fit the degree, will the job pay well, will the employer manage to find quality during the interview, and will there even be a job at all? Those are only some of the numerous questions that invade the minds of graduates and their parents once they’re finally done with college.

We’re glad to let you know that not everything is just good luck, and that graduates play a major role in their employment – they don’t just submit generic applications and wear their best suit to the interview. A study by Accenture from 2016 states up to 77% of students believed they would be well-prepared for their first work experience, but were they correct? Only 69% of those felt actually ready, and an even smaller number obtained employment. Probably because they didn’t know these 3 things:

1. GPA Is Good, Practicality – Better

While it’s enviable to achieve high grades during college, a high GPA alone doesn’t guarantee anything but hard work. Every employer is nowadays much more interested in the long-term performance that their entire business can benefit from. As a result, a 2012 survey about college graduate employment provided by The Chronicle of Higher Education shows that internship experience, employment during college and the applicant’s college major are crucial.

As a parent, you should encourage your student in getting early mid-studies work experiences. Like the stereotype goes: you need experience in order to get experience. Thus, make sure that your grad has this requirement checked out before they apply for their first big job.

2. Work Skills Come a Long Way

Education is obligatory, but individual performance boosters will determine the job progression rate, and more often than not, a secure role in the business. The statistics published by World Economic Forum have provided the ten most important skills to have as an employee, the top three of which are complex problem solving, coordinating with others and people management.

It is up to the future employee to work on developing their own skill set during their early work experiences and to use this knowledge for prosperity. Employers will always be fonder of skilled individuals that have a history of on-the-spot performance than those with good grades and no practice.

3. Research Before You Apply

The qualities that the graduate improves and takes along to every interview are universal, but they should be shown individually, depending on the employer’s preference. Grads are much more likely to be hired by those that find highly regarded values in them, and they thus need to know who likes what. Putting an accent on the most individually important qualities during the entire application process equals a tremendous boost toward employment.

In the end, after reading the above information it is crucial for parents to keep calm and encourage their new graduate.  Motivation is very important while looking for a best suitable job.

This infographic can serve as a checklist for parents that just had their kids graduated and are thriving to get them employed.