Freedom for Parents: Going to an Everclear Concert

How to Safely Attend Concerts in 2022

By: Reyna Gobel

Having an empty nest is more than teary goodbyes, it’s also joyous hellos to parts of your life you have missed for awhile while raising your kids. So why not go see the bands you miss from the 80’s and 90’s?
We checked out one of the top bands of the 90’s and 00’s, Everclear, at Sony Hall in New York on October 14th. The opening act was Wheatus to get a feel for an adult concert experience.

Here’s our experience as well as what we learned for over 40 concert goers.

1. Get your vax card ready.

Have your vaccination card and ID ready. The bouncer will likely ask for it, and you don’t want to hold up lines. Download the electronic vax card for your state if it has one.

2. Learn about the venue first.

We were lucky in that we had a small table to the side, so COVID was less of a concern. Look at venue maps and ask if you are unsure of seating and standing areas are configured. The way the revue was set up in Sony Hall felt like a luxury. However, there are tons of smaller venues across the country and large venues that feel like small ones. You can look for options for tables of 2 to 4 instead of standing that will only add about $30 per ticket, depending on the concert hall or club.

3. Mosh pits are less likely.

Remember mosh pits and crowd surfers? They’re not as common in over 30 crowds, and that’s a good thing. I really don’t miss getting bumped and thrown around. It’s nice having space to dance. Beyond the tables was the dancing area.

4. Don’t expect to touch the band.

High fiving a band at random is just not routine anymore. The last thing anyone wants to do is touch strangers. If you want private time with the band, fork over the extra cash for  the VIP Pre-Show Meet And Greet. It’s $150 extra per person, but if you want the full experience you’ll get early entry, a photograph with the band, an autographed poster, acoustic set, the laminated pass to feel special, and a t-shirt that the VIPs get.
It’s alot of stuff! So well worth it for true fans.

Bottom Line

there are so many cool places to go and things to do that were harder to manage while raising teenagers. Go to concerts, Travel. And we’ll keep giving you tips for doing so. Back in 2000, I was a music writer, covering Everclear in Vegas and dancing on stage. There’s no age limit for those experiences.