College representatives are prohibited from discussing student information with parents without a FERPA consent form. Each campus may have a unique form or you can use our College Parents of America consent form.

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CPA Travel Center

Our Travel Center is designed to save college families money on flights, hotels and car rentals. From admission’s visits to family weekends or special campus events our travel center is a great place to start for all your travel needs.

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Academic Year Checklist

Whether your student is a freshmen or a senior it is important to keep track of important dates. Keep your dates organized by downloading the College Parents of America academic year checklist.

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Protect Your Investment

College is often one of the largest financial investments a family makes. College is a great investment, but it is not risk free. Protect your student from unexpected financial losses due that may disrupt their education.

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Don't Go To College Without Us

College Parents of America is the nation’s only membership organization comprised of current and future college parents. Our mission is to assist families in the successful preparation, transition, adjustment, and completion through college.

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6 Tips for Talking With Your College Student

Your college student may have a lot he needs or wants to share with you.  There are a few things that you can do to make it easier for your student to share his experiences, and also some things you can do to make sure that you are really hearing what he wants or needs you to hear.Here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your conversations with your college student.

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Parents: College Students Need Renters Insurance & it Can Help You Too

College students are heading back to school, many with the help of their parents who have invested thousands of dollars in laptops, smartphones, bicycles and textbooks on students’ packing lists. Consider this – how will your student and family replace these items if they were affected by theft, fire, water damage, and other risks?

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Back to School – What Makes 2016 Unique

The steps of college are upon us and are evidence that parents have faith that the world can be improved through higher education. It is true that a higher education can help our students to comprehend and be better prepared to address the challenges of the world. As college parents – there are a few reminders that are worth highlighting for this year.

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Back-To-School: Why It’s Good to Be Hands-Off at the Start of Classes

College classes start up again soon—and whether your student is a freshman or senior, it can be a stressful time for both parties due to finances, moving, and new experiences.

You might think that because you’re assisting financially – tuition payments, rent, food, or other expenses – that you have a say in the career path or courses your child chooses. But here’s why you should take a backseat at the start of this new semester:

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2016 Survey of College Parents

We are pleased to share the results of the 2016 biennial survey of college parents. The findings of this report are consistent with our prior the two prior research studies and confirms that “college families are an important source of support for increasing student success and college completion.” The 2016 survey of more than 510 College Parents conducted by College Parents of America through internet channels and subscribers in late June of 2016. We have a high degree of confidence that the survey is directionally correct and will be valuable to colleges and universities as well as other stakeholders interested in increasing rates of college completion.

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Habits Build Student Success

At College Parents of America, we strive to provide valuable resource information to our members, as well as vigorous advocacy.

While many of my recent columns have centered around some of the key advocacy issues that we are focusing on – to serve you – here in Washington, DC, we also work to benefit you with resource information that hits home wherever you live.

One of those key resource areas involves the question of academic preparation for college, not just what it takes to get in to school, but what it takes to succeed.

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Did you know…?


Only 27% of parents surveyed recall being provided official notice of the school refund policy


79% of parents believe that it is more difficult for today’s parents to save for college than it was for their parents’ generation


More than 30,000 burglaries are reported annually related to college students, including 15,000 residence hall burglaries


When parents are asked of the medical withdrawal refund policy was disclosed, 49% were not sure.


Only 21% of schools surveyed refund 100% for medical withdrawals


Each year, fire departments respond to over 3,800 fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities and barracks

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