12 Days of the Best Adult Holiday Movies

The 12 Coolest Family Holiday Movies

By: Reyna Gobel

When your kids were little, gathering your family together to watch holiday movies was easy. But are your adult kids really wanting their childhood films? Maybe, they want the nostalgia, but if not, we offer the following selection of holiday movies we’ll always love.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

Long way down holiday road. Oh Oh Oh. Your adult kids are likely a little more mature than Rusty and Audrey, but hopefully they love you just as much as they love Clark And Ellen Griswald. Sit back for the lost lovingly awkward holiday humor ever.

Elf (2003)

Will Ferrell is definitely too tall for an Elf. But his life raised as an Elf is essentially what your kids may feel like if coming home from college and being treated like little children. Rent Elf and they may give you a little X’ Mas spirit, the way he did for his biological dad.

Home Alone (1990)

The best lesson in Home Alone? If Macaulay Culkin can survive by himself and even catch the burglars, your kids can be independent in college. And who can resist when he puts hands on his face and screams. If your kids do the same, remind them about using hand sanitizer or wasing their hands first. Different times.

The Hebrew Hammer (2003)

The Hebrew Hammer is by far my favorite Hanukkah movie. Santa’s son is not the nice guy Santa is and the Hebrew Hammer Jewish Super Hero must make the holidays safe for everyone. It’s inclusive without overly trying, and we just don’t have enough cool Jewish holiday characters.

Blended (2014)

Some of the best movies to watch over the holidays are more family than holiday themed. Blended with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is a fun vacation-themed movie about the challenges of Blending families together. What’s better for the holidays?

The Christmas Story (1983)

A Red Ryder BB gun isn’t exactly the best gift for a kid. But the quest for the perfect gift is a fun story for everyone in the context that this story is supposed to be about the 1940s.

Scrooged (1988)

The spirit of giving isn’t just about presents. It’s also about being kind to others. Thus, Scrooged will also be a classic tale based on the classic tale of what ideally happens when someone forgets the be kind to others part.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

In a way, It’s a Wonderful Life is Scrooged backwards. A hard working guy is shown how hard life would be for others if he hadn’t existed. The end result is people come together for him to save his business.

Last Holiday (2006)

Queen Latifah sells all her belongs to live a rich life in Europe.

Trading Places (1983)

The classic movie about when a rich person trades places with a low income person isn’t exactly a movie for small kids, but you can watch it with your adult ones.

East is East (1999)

East is East is a British comedy about two adults in their twenties falling in love from different cultures: Western and Pakistani. In a world where there is still so much cultural separation, this will always be one of my favorite movies.

Gremlins (1984)

At 7 years old, Gizmo being fed at night and turning into a Gremlin was the food of my nightmares. However, there were valuable lesson. A. Don’t decide whether to ignore instructions until you know why they exist. B. eating after midnight isn’t good for anyone.

Have a wonderful holiday movie season!