Calculating your college savings needs

Calculating your college savings needs

    pic on cc license from flickr user 401(k)2013   At least once a year, an article about target numbers for college savings are published on major media websites. Recent articles include this one on, this one on, and this one on

How Big a Problem is Student Loan Debt?

    Recently, the Atlantic posted an article called The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis. It’s worth the quick read, but it’s also worth a discussion.   As one might imagine, it’s hard to summarize nearly $1 Trillion of student debt in such a small...

Protecting Your Investment Checklist

College can be a huge investment. Is yours protected? With the College Parents of America Protecting Your Investment Checklist, you can assess your investment and determine your risk factor should your ability to pay be compromised. By downloading this checklist, you...

Outsourcing Non-Academic Functions

Everybody is talking about the rising cost of college tuition and the resulting student loan debt that America’s college students are accumulating.  Parents and students are wringing their hands and complaining loudly, while many politicians are placing blame and...

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