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State Insurance Commissioners Recommend Renters Insurance for College Students

Nearly twice as many state insurance commissioners recommend renters insurance to college students in 2016 as did in 2013. In fact, the latest trend builds on an earlier report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that recommended college students consider the benefits of purchasing renters insurance. NAIC recommends that “college students renting an off-campus apartment or house while away at school should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property, such as a computer, electronics, bicycle or furniture, in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen.”

Parents: College Students Need Renters Insurance & it Can Help You Too

College students are heading back to school, many with the help of their parents who have invested thousands of dollars in laptops, smartphones, bicycles and textbooks on students’ packing lists. Consider this - how will your student and family replace these items if they were affected by theft, fire, water damage, and other risks?

Student Personal Property Checklist

If your student is anything like most college students, he has a lot of stuff. How much is your student's property worth? What if your student's things were to be lost, stolen or damage? Could you afford to replace them? By downloading the College Parents of America Student Personal Property Checklist, you and your student can take inventory and make an estimate that can help you determine whether your student's belongings need protection.