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The Top 3 Most Powerful Consequences of Immersive Learning: How We Can Re-Route Our Students’ Professional Pathways

By Anna Fitzgibbon Are we doing it backward? It’s interesting- we expect our students to choose majors, professional pathways and career fields before they take a full inventory of what exists, what they love and how they could find their place within an existing model. If we want our students to potentially change industries, create […]

Second Thoughts on College & More

Many years ago we heard a statement that the real job of a parent is to help their children find their purpose. New research from Strada Education Network and Gallup provide new insights into the decision-making surrounding a college education. Given the ever-growing cost of college, this is a timely topic for students and families across the country.

Link between parent incomes and student majors

At College Parents of America, we aim to help identify these issues so college officials and policy makers can design alternative paths for all families regardless of their background. We assert that education is a public good, not just a private benefit and as such do our best to bring attention to timely topics such as the good work by USA Today College.