What About an Online Class for Your College Student?

There is a good chance that at some point in your student’s college career he will have the opportunity to take an online class.  The question is, should he? 

There are many appeals to online classes – especially convenience.  Students can complete their entire class without having to go to a classroom or sit through a lecture, and very often, students can complete the work at their own pace and at whatever time of the day or night is convenient.

What’s in a Name? The Labels Our Students Wear

Name-calling, labeling, is almost always based on a generalization and stereotype and we need to value and respect people as individuals, so name-calling is probably best avoided.  However, some of the labels that are given to people may have a grain of truth in them.  While we don’t necessarily want to totally accept and believe them, or perpetuate them, holding the mirror up and questioning them may be helpful.

7 Tips on How to be a Great College Parent

We like to think of it as College 101 – but really we do more to support college parents then just share articles. We are here to monitor the topics and themes of greatest interest to college students and their families and to help make sure that the investment your family is making in a higher education generates a great return for the life and career choice of your child. Keep these tips in mind and most of all keep a good sense of humor when dealing with your child. It often helps to share the warmth of a smile or laugh that only a supportive parent can give.