College Parents are often worried about the health of their students.  The choices they make about alcohol are particularly concerning.  As a result, it is worth sharing this powerful student story from Odyssey Online, a social content platform of millennial and many student voices.

The story starts with an honest statement from the author, Demi Vigren, who is a student at Ball State University:

“I am probably not your average college student. I don’t party. I don’t drink. I don’t hook up with people. It is weird for other people to hear that I do not participate in these things as a college student; in fact, even parents are shocked.”

The headline of the story is noteworthy – “I Am A College Student With 0% BAC” but for reasons that may not be obvious.  Demi Vigren is not alone.

According to 93,034 student responses to the 2015 ACHA National College Health Assessment approximately 21.3% of students have never used alcohol.  Alcohol Use Chart copy

Alcohol use is a key topic for parents to consider when monitoring your student’s health.  What is your experience?  What advice can you share with other parents?