If your teenager is fast approaching the time when he or she will head off to college, and you are lying awake at night with dozens, if not hundreds, of questions, you can take solace in that you are not alone.

The harsh reality for you, and millions of people like you, is that answering these questions and making informed decisions about test preparation, college selection and college financing cannot be put off any longer.

That’s where College Parents of America comes in, and every once in a while, I like to remind you of why you may have joined our organization to begin with, and what we are doing to support you today and into the future.

We provide you with an exclusive source to find answers to your questions and give you access to the best and most comprehensive information available to prospective college parents.
We fight for you in Washington, DC on important issues such as tuition tax deductibility. And we serve you with preferred partners and valuable discounts that can make your future life as a college parent much more rewarding.

By utilizing our Web site, you will understand commonly used acronyms such as PLUS, FAFSA and EFC and what they mean to you. We help you start on the path to choosing the right college for your child and find your way through the daunting maze of federal loans, grants, college financial aid packages and scholarships that are available.

We strive to constantly update www.collegeparents.org so that it is a current and informative “one-stop shop” for you and your family to learn how to prepare for, apply to, pay for and thrive in the college experience.

We guide you to recommended books on such topics as preparing for college, financing and choosing the right school, and we tell you what colleges are “parent friendly.”

We assist in finding financial information that can make costs at a private school just as appealing as a public institution and help you find information on resources for student athletes and students with special needs.

And, we help you research Websites for often overlooked scholarship options and what’s needed to qualify.
From preparing you for college visits to telling you how you can get video tours of colleges, we’ll help make the impending roller coaster of decisions a smoother ride.

Then, once you do become a fully immersed college parent, our corporate partners and we will be there to help you handle the additional costs of supporting a child in college. Your College Parents of America membership allows you to tap into savings on expenses that will tax your wallet in the coming years.

The examples cited above are just a sampling of how we can make your family’s college journey much easier and more successful. The bottom line is this: our mission at College Parents of America is to do everything in our power to give you more power.

That’s why we are working to build the vast numbers of current and future college parents into a potent economic and political force.

From lobbying on the federal level for increased tax deductions for tuition and higher limits on subsidized student loans, to fighting on the state level against surprise tuition increases and for fairer admissions policies, we’re making sure that our elected officials hear from the people who are affected most – PARENTS!

The countdown to college is on. As a member of College Parents of America, you should feel proud that you are doing all that you can to make this time a rewarding experience for you, your teenager and your family.
I urge you to tell your family members, friends and neighbors about College Parents of America, and to suggest that they join today. The greater the size of our member base, the better we can harness our collective voices and use our increased clout to your advantage.

Please share this thought with those individuals you know who might benefit from our group: my personal promise is that College Parents of America will help relieve their anxiety, save them time and money, and help them gain a powerful leg up when it comes to making the best decisions for their children’s future.

Your membership in College Parents of America shows that you know, as your teenager prepares for college, that he or she needs you very much as an active partner in making decisions that will impact his or her life for decades to come. Thank you for your continuing support.