Early this year, a wonderful article appeared in the New York Times authored by

Elisabeth Egan, the books editor at Glamour and the author of the novel “A Window Opens” and this wonderful essay Stop Asking About My Kids College Plans.

She shares the experience of a college-bound parent particularly well.

“Want to know a funny thing? This is a very stressful time in my life, too. I sit next to a colleague whose mother is my age. My jeans are snug. My eyebrows are balding. And I have a child who’s a junior in high school, which means that everywhere I go, people want to talk about one thing: college.”

At College Parents of America – we agree with Ms. Egan when she states the misguided idea that “we” are going thru the college process when in fact, it is a process of independence by our children and we respect her, even more, when she places value in practical skills in statements such as:

“You know, in the long run, it doesn’t matter how you do on the SAT,” I say. “It matters whether you know how to parallel park. Driving is a life skill. You need to practice.”

Over the past twenty years – our editors and contributors have helped to share insights about how college parents can support student success. We see student success as not a destination but a journey – to adulthood and self-reliance.  A college education is just part of a proven path that is highly probable to lead to self-reliance – a goal for nearly all families that we know and serve.
Please join us in the conversation.  Enjoy this article and remember to stop asking – “what are your kids college plans”.