The concerns of college parents about the well-being and safety of their students has a paramount issue for college families.  As a result, we are pleased to recognize and thank the Clery Center for the 30 years of dedicated service to the schools, students and families.

Today, the Clery Center remains dedicated to guiding institutions to implement effective campus safety measures focused on sexual violence, dating violence, fire safety, hate crimes, hazing, and other forms of violence and crime.

As many college families know, “Jeanne Clery was 19 years old when she was raped and murdered in her college residence hall. Her parents, Connie and Howard Clery, learned that standards for campus crime reporting simply did not exist in 1986. So the Clery family put transformative change into motion on the state and national level: they lobbied for revolutionary policy change that eventually led to the Jeanne Clery Act, and formed a nonprofit organization that would help colleges and universities understand the Clery Act and how to maintain safer campus environments.”

In recognition and celebration of the 30 years of work the Clery family and Clery Center have done since 1987 to make college campuses safer, Clery Center held a 30th Anniversary Gala on April 7.

The evening included remarks from Baylor head football coach, Matt Rhule. Matt spoke about stepping into an environment recently in the spotlight because of reported sexual assaults by football players. Matt has worked with Clery Center, Green Dot, and Men Can Stop Rape to develop programming for his players and is often heard saying, “…sexual assault is not a Baylor thing. This is an ‘our world’ issue.” During his tenure, Coach Rhule has epitomized transparency and openly listens to and responds to criticism. Our keynote speaker, Sara Ganim, CNN correspondent, spoke about her Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting that broke the Jerry Sandusky case at Penn State University. Sara used the platform to challenge the audience to continue to seek the truth, as we see more injuries related to campus violence such as hazing. She praised the Clery Act as a tool for seeking the truth.