We love to see excellent writing and observations that provide real value to college parents and families.

This week’s Washington Post had an outstanding article by author Shannon Reed who is a former high school English and theater teacher; and now a freelance writer, teacher and humorist. In addition to the Washington Post, her work has appeared in the New Yorker, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and BuzzFeed.

As Ms. Reed says students “may be academically prepared, but often they are woefully lacking in real-life skills and knowledge.”  She compiled a list of topics for families to discuss with their high school students to get them prepared for college life in particular and life in general.

Her top 7 topics are summarized in list form below but this list is meant to encourage  parents to read the entire article at The Washington Post here:

  1. How to navigate differences.
  2. How money works.
  3. How to deal with illnesses.
  4. How to manage homesickness.
  5. How to deal with sexual assault on campus. 
  6. How to use their manners.
  7. How college life is depicted on television and film, and how that compares with real life, including parents’ experiences.

Remember that at College Parents of America we aim to offer helpful tips, insights and some humor to help in this life-transition. We welcome your observations and suggestions.   Parents of all ages have good insights to share.