We are delighted to publish the 2017-18 College Parent Handbook for Student Success. This publication marks the 20th-anniversary milestone of the founding of our organization.  Since our founding, more than one million families have been served by our membership benefits and services.  In the past 20 years, college has changed dramatically.  What hasn’t changed is College Parents of America’s focus on our mission to help students succeed in school as well as after graduation.

The College Parents Handbook is filled with useful insights and tips that will assist students in a successful transition to college.  We attempt to create and curate content that is relevant to the college parent experience while also helping identify trends that may be overlooked by the general media.  We are obviously advocates for higher education, but we start with the view that there are many valuable voices to hear and listen to.  We aim to collaborate with these voices and share the best of each with our members and readers.

Over the years we have distributed the handbook in both print and digital forms.  Last year more than 15,000 families downloaded the digital version and hundreds contacted us to receive a printed version.  Please join the more than 35,000 friends and fans by joining us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Please share your feedback and experience with us and most of all share this Handbook and our mission with other college parents.

Thank you to our sponsors who contribute to its success and make this publication possible. Thank you to Allianz Global Assistance, GradGuard, National Research Center for College and University Admissions, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the JED Foundation and HERI – Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA and Sallie Mae.