There are some who suggest earning a college degree may no longer be essential. But data from Georgetown’s Center for Education and the Workforce. (CEW) suggests otherwise.

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The most recent CEW report indicates that “workers with at least some postsecondary education now make up 65 percent of the total employment and bachelor’s degree holders now earn 57 percent of all wages.”

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The contrast to those without a college education is striking. The report continues to highlight that “graduate degree holders gained 3.8 million jobs, bachelor’s degree holders gained 4.6 million jobs, and Associate’s degree holders gained 3.1 million jobs, compared to workers with a high school diploma or less, who added only 80,000 jobs.”

College Parents of America aims to help increase college completion. Families and the support we provide are vital not only financially but also to the success of students.   Since 1997, our organization has been dedicated to advocating for college parents and families.  We have been a consistent voice that promotes college access and completion.  We believe that parental involvement can be positive factor in promoting greater student success.  As the CEW report illustrates –

“college completion is not only a vital goal for our families and children – but also a vital interest to the United States.”

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