From Chegg’s The Student Hub survey of College and High School students:

Women are markedly more concerned about on-campus violence than men:  

  • 41% of female students rank non-lethal assaults, including sexual assault, as a top concern on campus, while only 25% of male students do – that’s almost half. Conversely, 66% of male students rank property crimes as a top concerns, with only 48% of female students saying that.

Women also feel less strongly that their campuses are doing enough to prevent violence, including school shootings and nonlethal violence such as sexual assault:

  • Asked how well their school does at preventing sexual assaults on campus 43% of female students believe their school is not doing enough, whereas nearly 7 in 10 (68%) male students believe they are doing enough.

These statistics emphasize that, although many feel safe on campus, there is a distinct divide between the safety women and men feel on campus. Such a finding is corroborated by other studies, including the highly valuable and highly reputable ACHA-NCHA II. That survey instrument also found that students feel significantly less safe in the areas surrounding campus than on campus itself, and feel safer during the day than at night: