Back in March, we previewed many of the changes slated for the SAT in March 2016. This week, College Board released a very comprehensive view of the the new test. If the test changes will affect you or your student, here’s what you should be reading. 

  • Read about the key changes. There are many and they are good. The test should be a better indicator of the likelihood of academic success. Also, forget those useless words and be prepared to use a calculator throughout the entire math section.
  • Check out the detailed specifications of the exam and even preview example questions. The resdesigned example sections start on page 84 of this document.
  • Start practicing with free test prep. SAT and Khan Academy have teamed up to make test prep more affordable and accessible. Khan Academy is famous for helping millions of students in many subjects with its internet tutorials and coursework. Now you can prep for free on their website. The current prep is focused on the existing form of the exam, but Khan Academy will develop preparation materials for the new version of the exam as it approaches.
  • Lastly, read this summary of the conceptual shifts in the SAT. It details how the College Board committed to the test as a more useful and practical measure.