Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of Board of Directors of College Parents of America will be held in Phoenix, Arizona through Conference Call on May 23, 2014, 11:00 AM, Arizona Time / 2:00 EST.

The Annual Meeting of College Parents of America members shall be held for the purpose of transacting such business as may come before the meeting:

The Agenda will review the following topics:

1. Restatement of mission and purpose of Corporation

  • To assist families with their student’s successful preparation for, transition to, adjustment in and completion of college.
  • To provide members with valuable benefits to protect and maximize their family’s college investment.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse of information useful or of interest to future and current college parents.
  • To make arrangements with third-party vendors to provide an array of benefits and services that support college parents.
  • To provide Financial Literacy information for parents and students. A guide for parents when they begin to discuss financial matters such as budgeting, paying bills and managing accounts.

2. Report on new membership benefits initiated since the last Annual meeting

3. Report and acknowledgement of service by National Advisory Board

You are urged to give notice at as to whether or not you plan to attend the meeting. Receiving your notice by June 10, 2014 would be appreciated.


Bob Soza