agnes scott college library. image by flickr user jkdatlanta (cc license)

Looking for an early jump on your Sunday paper? College Parents of America recommends that you try these recent stories about higher education.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Another data breach, this time at Indiana University.

Chronicle of Higher Education: How well does average net price capture best price on college investment?

Diverse Education: Florida Considers In-State Tuition for Dreamers Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at Kent State? The university may also award you an associate’s degree.

MetroWest Daily News: Massachusetts colleges look for new ways to recruit college students as predicted drop-off of high school graduates in Massachusetts nears

The Atlantic: New Texas website offers cost-benefit guide for families trying to choose between Texas public universities

NPR/Planet Money: A discussion of alternative tuition payment plans in Oregon and Tennessee

Reuters: A one-hour class could cut the college dropout rate



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