You may not get a ton of time with a college admissions rep, but an inquisitive approach is your best chance to find out if a school’s characteristics will be a good fit for you and your college career.

Below is are a few topics that can get you asking the right questions. Should you need this in question format, we suggest the following lists:

About the University

  • Unique and distinctive characteristics
  • Educational philosophy (and any recent changes)

Regarding Admissions

  • Application deadline; acceptance notification date; enrollment deadline
  • Acceptance standards
  • Successful application characteristics
  • Admissions exams and placement exams
  • Campus tour availability

Regarding Financial Aid

  • Types of financial aid
  • How to apply; deadline
  • Scholarship availability
  • Total cost for desire program
  • Percent of graduating students who default on their loans

Regarding University Academics

  • Majors and programs offered; most popular majors
  • Average length of programs
  • Percent of students graduating
  • Strengths and weaknesses of advising system
  • Advisor availability for scheduling help
  • Difficulty of getting needed classes
  • Availability of tutoring
  • Demand of academics
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • New programs or curriculum changes that may affect you
  • Availability of research opportunities with faculty
  • Quality of relationships between students and faculty

Regarding Career Services & Job Placement

  • Availability and types of career placement assistance
  • Part-time job placement for students
  • Availability of internships and where
  • Career placement rate
  • Types of jobs graduates are getting

Regarding Student Population

  • Characteristics of student body
  • Diversity of student body
  • Political, social and academic issues that concern students

Regarding Life on Campus

  • Activities students engage in
  • Roles of fraternities and sororities—is it possible to have a satisfactory social life without joining?
  • Dominant campus social groups
  • Volunteer activities of students
  • Method of choosing roommates Team sports on campus
  • Minority-related clubs, activities and housing
  • Honors housing
  • Student government
  • Balance of academics, social life, and extracurricular activities
  • Social or cultural highlights last year
  • Role of the campus newspaper and other campus media
  • Drinking and drugs on campus
  • Characteristics of activity centers and athletic and recreational facilities
  • Availability of medical care on campus
  • Sufficiency of special services
  • Security concerns on campus

Regarding Tech Access

  • Access to computers and campus intranet
  • Campus email
  • Online class availability
  • Students accessing computers during class time