A new infographic from the website BrainTrack came out recently. It demonstrates that what students and parents think of colleges can be valuable information with multiple applications.

These applications include finding out the strengths and weaknesses of an education in the eyes of students and their parents, as well as whether or not families would choose to re-enroll their student if given such an opportunity.


In a data point of extreme interest, students at public and private institutions noted the same strengths and challenges of their respective institutions. 


The Strengths:

  • Content of courses in major is valuable
  • Instruction in major field is excellent

The Weaknesses:

  • Able to register for needed classes with limited conflict
  • Tuition paid is a worthwhile investment


As valuable as information like this can be, it is an unfortunate truth that not all schools have strong tracking and response data. And, although parent opinion and feedback data is quite valuable, many schools actually struggle connecting with parents. The infographic ends with a note on how schools can better connect with parents.


Here’s the infographic: