Many families ask us for the best apps to suggest to their college student.  Our favorite list of Free Apps that Make College Life Simple was recently published by GradGuard – 

We are not alone, with over 40,000 “pins” on pinterest- it is a good one.  

 Our list for families is a very different.  

  • Stay on top of a busy schedule with organizing apps like StudyTracker Pro, myHomework or Studious.
  • Take quizzes with flashcard apps like gFlash+ or Mental Case.
  • Call home using FaceTime or Skype, or stay connected using Facebook.
  • Take better notes with Livescribe, Penultimate, EverNote or Share Your Board.
  • Make sure to be on time for that big test by using alarm clock apps like Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock or Alarm Clock Xtreme (free).

Please let us know what else you suggest?



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