“It’s decision time for high school seniors who’ve applied to college and received acceptance letters. And as tuition levels rise, especially at top-level private schools, a growing number of financial experts are warning students to steer clear of student loan debt.” NPR, Talk of the Nation, March 31, 2011.

photo by flickr user meddygarnet(photo by flickr user meddygarnet)

Yesterday’s Talk of the Nation on NPR featured guest host Lynn Neary moderating questions about families figuring out how they will pay for college. The questions were answered by the two guest experts. The guests were Jacques Steinberg, an education reporter for the New York Times, and Alisa Cunningham, vice president of research and programs at the Institute for Higher Education Policy. A key focus was warning students not to take on student loan debt if they could manage to do so.

It’s a very interesting listen as well as a helpful reminder that lots of college parents and college-parents-to-be deal with similar issues every year.

You can listen to a replay of the radio show below, or read the transcript over on NPR’s Talk of the Nation site.