Do you remember what your governor said about higher education in the gubernatorial state of the state address this year?

If not, you might want to look at this information from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities: 

2011 State of the State Addresses and Higher Education by AASCU.

state map

(pic by flickr user Kevin Hutchison)

The research in that document from the AASCU showed that higher education continues to be common topic among governors. In their respective state of the state addresses, 40 states mentioned higher education.

But what were they saying?

The five most popular higher education themes were: 

  1. economic development/innovation/research (15 states)
  2. state aid/funding (14 states)
  3. college affordability (10 states)
  4. degree completion (9 states)
  5. state financial aid (9 states)

The higher education policies of your state legislature can greatly affect how much you and your student pay for school. Or, new higher education policies in your legislature might affect you in other ways. For instance, the report states that those in Vermont might see a tax credit to reduce student debt. And, the report indicates high school juniors in North Carolina might get the opportunity to get two years of college at no cost, while veterans in Texas might receive college credits for knowledge and skills obtained while in the military.

To keep up to date with developments in higher education policy in your state, we suggest using the State Higher Education Tracker on the AASCU website. 


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