January 24, 2011 — College Parents of America, the nation’s only membership organization of current and future college families, officially announced the re-launch of its website at www.collegeparents.org.

Founded in 1997, the mission of College Parents of America is to assist parents on what is desirable and possible in terms of the successful preparation, transition, adjustment and completion through college. The organization provides it members with valuable and unique benefits. These include:

–       Tuition insurance from GradGuard™ to protect a family’s college investment in the case where a student withdraws from college as a result of an unexpected illness or injury

–       Identity Theft and resolution services coverage to protect against fraudulent acquisition and use of student ID and/or credit

–      Resources and benefits ranging from admission test preparation, scholarship search and paying for college resources and travel discounts

–      Access to members / subscribers only scholarships that are awarded to both new and continuing college students

–      Access to a members only student health insurance group plan that provides an affordable alternative for students and their families

–      Internship application resource and a shipping/concierge service that will get your student’s packages to school

College Parents of America designed its new website to offer current and future college parents personalized content that anticipates and responds to the specific needs of our members and subscribers. Board Chairman Bob Soza, Retired Senior Associate Vice President, Dean of Students at Arizona State University commented, “There are many online resources available to college families, but the Internet has actually made it even more difficult for parents to find useful and relevant information that they can trust.  In addition to trusted content, our new website includes easy to follow topic presentations via Slideshare® which are also available at Facebook.com/CollegeParentsofAmerica.”

“We understand the challenges that families face. Our goal is to provide our members with the advantage of valuable benefits and services that protect and maximize their family’s college investment and the resources to support their student’s achievement.”

Visit the exciting new site at www.collegeparents.org.

College Parents of America: College Parents of America is the nation’s only membership organization of current and future college parents. Founded in 1997, its mission is to assist families with their student’s successful preparation for, transition to, adjustment in and completion through college. College Parents of America provides members  valuable benefits and services to protect and maximize their family’s college investment, as well as information and resources to support their student’s achievement. For more information, visit www.collegeparents.org or call 888-761-6702.  Follow College Parents of America on Twitter and on Facebook.