At least 1.7 million college students are uninsured for health care, according to a March 2008 study by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). As a result, it’s natural for these students to turn to plans put in front of them by the schools they attend. However, these “school-sponsored” plans are uneven in their coverage, often provide limited benefits and many times contain exclusions and high cost-sharing amounts.

The College Parents of America Student Health Plan was created in order to help our organization fulfill our goal of empowering you to best support your children on the journey to and through college.

Issues related to student health are often a factor that can hamper a student’s ability to achieve success in school, and graduate on time. Sometimes these factors are directly medical, so that a student cannot continue his/her studies due to an acute or chronic condition, disease or illness. Often, however, the medical expenses incurred by an uninsured student in treatment become the driving factor in preventing a smooth path to graduation. The College Parents of America Student Health Plan helps mitigate the medical and financial risks facing students and their families.

This GradGuard plan is available immediately to members of College Parents of America, and can be utilized by traditional and non-traditional students, as well as their dependents. 

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