Your child’s college education is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime.   Whether it’s the $15,000 a year you are spending on a public school in your state, or the $35,000 or more you are bleeding for a private school clear across the country, that expenditure is a substantial drain on the family budget.

No doubt, you want to protect your substantial college investment from loss, and gain the peace of mind that comes from that protection.  That’s where College Parents of America, the nation’s leading membership organization of current and future college parents, can help.

And that’s why we present, to you and to millions of other current and rising college parents, the opportunity to obtain this peace of mind through membership in College Parents of America.

For $89, the cost of a basic College Parents of America membership, you will receive GradGuard coverage for up to $5,000 of college cost losses caused by a student medical withdrawal.  This coverage not only includes tuition, but also fees, room-and-board and any other legitimate education-related expense. 

Tuition Insurance from GradGuard is an idea whose time has come.  Think about it: every other one of your major household expenditures is – or can be – covered by insurance.  Your house and its contents, your vehicles, your personal valuables, even your vacations can be covered, yet not your son or daughter’s college tuition (except if he or she attends one of about 180 U.S. schools that offers a higher-priced tuition insurance product directly through the bursar’s office.)

Tuition Insurance from Grad Guard is a game-changer.  And your decision to buy it can be too.  What if your child were to suffer a serious illness or to develop a medical condition that would prevent him or her from finishing the current or upcoming semester?  Have you taken a look at the fine print of your college or university contract?  After five weeks of a given term, the vast majority of schools do not refund a penny of room-and-board, nor a nickel of student fees, which in recent years have skyrocketed.

It is true that you may be able to regain some small amount of tuition dollars, depending on the timing of withdrawal and the individual school’s appeals policy.  An all-too typical situation, however, is for a student to withdraw from school, for a legitimate medical or mental health reason, at least 10 days into the semester, but more than 10 days from the end.  Too late to get any money back at the front end, and too early to get an incomplete and make up the class at a later date, on the back end.

What’s a parent then to do under such circumstances?  Well, you can ask the school for your money back, but they will probably point you to a contract you signed that precludes such a refund.  You can appeal that rejection in most cases, but you will likely end up in queue at a university office that is even more likely to say “no way” to any type of partial refund.  This can be frustrating and stressful.

Membership in College Parents of America can’t remove the long-term drain on your family finances caused by high – and rising – college tuition, student fees and living costs, such as room-and-board.  Our embedded Tuition Insurance from GradGuard can alleviate, however, the short-term acute pain caused to your family budget when your child must withdraw from school without the ability to obtain a refund.

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