Higher education has assumed a central place in American life.  About two-thirds of high school graduates enroll in college within a year of receiving their diploma, while millions of adults attend college classes to improve their job skills, prepare for new careers or expand their intellectual horizons.  You may fall into one or both of these camps.

There is ample evidence that Americans gain economic and personal benefits from every extra year of higher education.  The career earnings of someone with a bachelor’s degree approach nearly $1 million more than that of someone with only a high school diploma. The college-goer also makes life-long friendships and and enters into
countless other networking relationships that are personally beneficial.

While most Americans see education beyond high school as a prerequisite to a successful economic and personal life, there is also evidence that a post-secondary education contributes to significant societal benefits.  These benefits include:

  • a recognition that the U.S. is increasingly reliant on knowledge workers and that much of the innovation they accelerate through their efforts actually emerges first from research conducted in the nation’s universities;
  • a growing body of research that shows that people with more education are more likely to vote, to participate actively in civic affairs, and to perform more community service; and
  • more parental involvement in K-12 education, which in turn leads to leads to a virtuous circle of greater high school completion rates and a more pronounced tendency for individuals to want to pursue a college degree.

For all these reasons, a strong national commitment to access and opportunity for college is critical to America’s future.  Many organizations and entities support this goal, of course, but College Parents of America has the potential to stand alone in demonstrating to our varied constituencies that access and opportunity mean more than just “getting in” to college.

With your support, College Parents of America can show that true access must mean opening the door to a college experience that is appropriate for a student’s aspirations, preparation and abilities. College Parents of America is also committed to working with schools and other partners to show that real opportunity will only come from an effective postsecondary system that helps students to get started on the right track and to follow through, with a successful college experience being defined and measured differently for each individual.

America’s higher education system remains the envy of the world, remarkable for its variety and vitality.  But it has not met the long-standing goal of an equitable and efficient system that provides a successful college education to all qualified students.  Through the promotion of an active agenda of a fair college deal for all, College Parents of America has the opportunity to play a critical role in positioning the U.S. to better compete in the global economy.  Please join us in our efforts and tell your family and friends about our site and our Facebook Fan Page.  Thank you.