Far too many families treat the college application and acceptance process for their first child in the same way they approached impending childbirth for that child. So much attention is focused on the “getting in” process that scant bandwidth is left over for the family to concentrate on a successful college transition.  This is analogous to the manner in which many couples focus so much on the birthing of their child that they pay too little notice to what to do to operate as a successful family once they return home from the hospital.

With a freshman dropout rate of 26%, families must pay more attention to supporting a successful college transition for their child.  They must also urge colleges and universities to invest in student support services, so that the “accepted” student can turn into a successful graduate.  What strategies have you, and your child’s college or university, used to positive effect?  Please share your views with your parent peers at Hoverings: A Blog for Current and Future College Parents, located on the home page ofwww.collegeparents.org