It’s becoming clearer every passing year that a dangerous fault line is developing in America, dividing those who complete college and those who don’t.  The stakes are high. Those on the achieving side of the fault line are likely to gain higher-paying and more stable jobs, live in more affluent and educated communities and give birth to children who, in the next generation, will be far more likely to complete college themselves.  Those on the other side of the fault line, indviduals who fail to achieve a college degree, have the economic odds stacked against them.  If you are reading this item, you are either hoping to keep your child on the college completion path you took yourself, or perhaps encouraging your child to surpass your own, more modest, educational attainment.  No matter where you are coming from, you want your child to get to someplace better.  Congratulations on your support of your son or daughter.  Please share with your peers what motivates you to be an effective current or future college parent.  Your own story may inspire others to make a critical leap across the college completion fault line.