It’s the New Year, a time for resolutions.

Here are some resolutions from me to you, followed by some suggested resolutions for you to make to your children.

At College Parents of America, I and my team resolve to:

  • empower you to best support your children on the path to and through college, through a combination of aggressive advocacy, timely information and relevant discounts;
  • support you in your quest to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can and as well you can about the academic preparation that your child needs to get ready for and to succeed in college;
  • educate you about the various options for financing college, so that no doors of educational opportunity are closed to your family due to a real or perceived lack of funding choices;
  • represent you in the halls of Congress, and in state capitals, so that you parents who are paying much of the bill for higher education have a greater say in the policy decisions affecting higher ed; and
  • negotiate on your behalf with the providers of the products and services you and your children want and/or need as you move through this critical stage of life, a 10-year period that will take you and your children from the fears of that first day of middle school to the thrill of college graduation.

We further resolve to accomplish all of the above while keeping our price to you as low as possible, and our communications with you as effective as possible, giving you the information you need, exactly when you need it.

In addition to our sharing of information resources, we are also not shy about making recommendations and, in 2006, we will continue to share our recommended best practices in terms of how you can most successfully support your children.

This brings me to part two of today’s column, the suggested resolutions for you to make to your sons and daughters.

I and my team rcommend that you, as a member of College Parents of America, resolve this year to serve as: 

  • an inspirational leader to your middle-school-age children, instilling in them a love of learning and a commitment to do the hard work necessary to excel in academics and in extra-curricular activities;
  • a trusted advisor to your high-school-age children, bestowing to them a continuing sense of life’s limitless possibilities, while at the same time steering them toward wise choices in their personal and academic lives; and
  • a friend and mentor to your children already in college, supporting them from near or far, trusting them to make decisions, cheering them on when those choices are wise and being there to pick up the pieces when the choices lead to setbacks or failures.

On behalf of all of us at College Parents of America, we offer the above resolutions in a spirit of support and partnership for and with you, and we wish you and your children the very best in 2006.