The recipe has been written and the ingredients are in place. A team has been assembled here in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of the Nation’s Capital. With the support of our founder and chairman, Doug Laughlin, we are ready to make 2004 the year in which College Parents of America gets firmly placed on the radar screen of policymakers, schools and Corporate America.

Our mission is clear – to advocate on behalf of and to provide valuable resources to current and future college parents. Our rationale is simple – parents should be treated with the same dignity and respect accorded any other constituency of higher education.

We will pursue our mission here in Washington, DC and, with your support, in state capitals across the country. We will reinforce our rationale with every message we create, every communication we send and every utterance we make.

We will be dogged in our determination and relentless in our efforts. We realize that you care very deeply about your children’s educations and their current or future experiences at college. We also realize that your relationship with your son or daughter is sacred, and that your family’s relationship with your school of choice is one in which we should never try to insert ourselves.

But with the primacy of those relationships in mind, we will do everything in our power to give you more power. You deserve it.

When your children are in the middle- or early high-school years, you deserve to understand that academic preparation and course selection are key as to whether they will be able to be accepted and, just as importantly, to succeed at the college of their choice.

When your children are nearing the end of high school, particularly those who are high-school juniors, you deserve to be assured that while your sons or daughters have indeed reached some forks in the road, they still have many roads and many choices ahead of them. But they – and you – are reaching a critical time, when important decisions about applications, test preparation and college financing cannot be put off any longer.

And whether your children are still on the way or are already in college, you deserve to have an experienced and dedicated team that is serving your collective interest within the Washington beltway and leveraging your collective buying power within Corporate America.

That sums up why we come to work every day at College Parents of America. All of our staff members are college graduates, and 40 percent hold advanced degrees. Almost all of us have benefited from some type of financial aid. Nearly half of us are baby boomers and have kids on the path to college ourselves, but we also have some Gen Xers not too far removed from the classroom.

Yet whatever the differences in our backgrounds, and whatever the unique challenges in our current family situations, we are united in our mission to serve you, and we are certain that our time has come.
So as 2004 begins, our resolution is threefold:

  • We will fight vigorously for you in Washington;
  • We will provide you valuable information resources where you live; and
  • We will begin to negotiate discounts on your behalf where you shop. (HINT: the more of you as members there are, the better discounts we can negotiate. So please encourage your family, friends and peers to sign up for membership.)

And, as always, please e-mail us at with any suggestions, questions or concerns. Happy New Year!