Updated March 21, 2019

An “informed consumer” group is exactly what we are hoping to create here at College Parents of America. On a micro level, we are committed to providing you the information resources that you need to make sure that your children are academically prepared for college, and that you are financially prepared to support them. And on a macro level, we believe that all consumers of higher education – parents and students – need access to more easily understandable information in order to make informed decisions in the college marketplace.

At College Parents of America, we are striving to help you on both levels. We are building a storehouse of information that will help you to understand what factors go into the “expense” side at a college or university, and also how the “revenue” from your tuition only covers a small portion of the true cost of educating your student. The numbers may surprise you, at first, but as you become a “more informed college consumer,” you will learn the ropes pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, we will continue to advocate on your behalf in Washington, and where time and resources permit, in state capitals too. The college affordability issue arguably affects all 50 states, but in some places the problem is more acute than in others. Let us know what you think about “college costs” in your state, and we will get back to you with suggested ways to organize on the grassroots level. The “path to influence” doesn’t start here in our office just outside Washington. It starts with you, the united and vocal College Parents of America.